Pain, Subluxation, and Chiropractic

Pain, Subluxation, and Chiropractic

According to a recent survey, individuals suffering from severe back pain or muscle pain are reportedly getting little relief from the drugs they take and are dissatisfied with the medical attention that they get.

The survey in which 96 percent said they suffered from some sort of severe pain, the most common of which was back pain. Survey respondents also complained of often suffering from muscle pain and headaches.

According to the survey, “Many people suffer with severe pain and are frustrated with the care they are receiving from medical professionals.”

Reportedly, 53 percent of those surveyed claim to be dissatisfied with the care and support they received from medical doctors. At least half, reported dissatisfaction with the medications they were given to treat their conditions.

While patient dissatisfaction with drugs and medical methods of treatment is nothing new, some may wonder what the role of a chiropractor is in this situation.

Are chiropractors in the business of treating pain? Personally, I do not think so. Chiropractors are in the business of correcting subluxations, yet subluxations can and do cause pain.

Subluxations are a problem that block off nerve supply to many areas of your body, not just to areas that you are designed to feel, areas of internal organs, systems and many functions that you are never aware of. These are the areas of the body that crucial to sustain life and need full nerve supply throughout a whole life.

When the pain is gone, the subluxation is not necessarily gone. When the muscle aches or headaches are gone, the subluxation is not necessarily gone. However, when the subluxation is gone, the body functions normally, pain is gone, all body parts are getting proper nerve supply, and the body is better able to comprehend and adapt to its environment. This allows for a maximal expression of health and wellness.

All this is explaining the correction of a cause and not a treatment of a condition or symptom. The use of natural approaches to correct the cause of a problem makes more sense than to treat a symptom and leave the cause of the problem.

Pain, Subluxation, and Chiropractic
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