Dr. Jacqueline Lightbourn

Dr. Jacqueline Lightbourn was born in Nassau, Bahamas and is the Owner/Chiropractor of A Better Back Chiropractic Center. She attended Life Chiropractic University in Georgia and Logan College of Chiropractic in Missouri where she received a Bachelor in Life Science and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.
Even as a young child Dr. Lightbourn was always interested in the concept of a healthy lifestyle choosing natural remedies to heal ailments. Chiropractic was the perfect career for her to utilize her holistic beliefs and passion for wellness.
Dr. Lightbourn’s diverse education in various techniques and her caring nature contributes to her high quality of care that she provides to her patients.

Dr. Kelly Kramp

Dr. Kramp has been a successful Chiropractor for the past 29 years with expertise in nutrition, exercise, positive mental strategies, and a wealth of knowledge on how to have a superior functioning body and mind.  He has spent much of his time educating people through radio, speaking at many schools, businesses, sports teams, etc.  He has been a regular wellness columnist for newspapers and has written hundreds of wellness papers that have been shared with other doctors.  He has also taken time to coach other doctors to improve their ability to help more people.  His personal life has led him into being an elite athlete competing for Canada’s national triathlon and cross country ski teams.  He now resides and practices in Nassau, Bahamas where he is proud to use his passion and knowledge to improve the health of everyone around him.

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