Having been in a car accident in the early 80’s, I soon discovered the day to day pain and fatigue that whiplash can bestow on a person. I lived with regular headaches and pain which persisted despite other medical, dental, physiotherapy, massage therapy as well as other chiropractic care givers attempt to undo the damage. Although some of the treatments and techniques gave some relief it was never for more then a few hours or days at the most.
Within the first month of regular visits to your office I could not believe the difference that your adjustments had made. I have gone from taking pain relievers on a daily bases to very rarely needing any. I am virtually headache free and I find that I am not fatigued and sore at the end of the day. I am able to think clearer and accomplish more during my days. I am enjoying my new found energy and wellness and my family has noticed the difference in me as well.
I appreciate how you teach and guide me with exercises and/or techniques that I can do myself between visits. And I appreciate the friendly and family orientated office setting that you and your staff offer. I would strongly recommend you to anyone. Whether they are living with pain or just looking to maintain wellness into their later years. Once again I thank you for your thoroughness, honesty and great care, and helping me to get back to enjoying my family, friends and career.

Connie J.
Financial Advisor

Before seeing Dr. Kramp I was in a lot of pain from when I was pinned between two trucks. Since I’ve started seeing Dr. Kramp for chiropractic treatments my pain is extremely reduced. My life is better now because I’m able to move and live an active life. More importantly I’m able to work again with little to no pain. I’ve also found that I have far more flexibility than what I used to. Dr. Kramp is very gentle with his adjustments and I would definitely recommend him to anybody that wants to get healthier because of how I feel today.

Kenny D.

My neck and shoulders were very sore. They were getting to the point of very little range of movement to going very stiff and sore. Only after a few treatments I feel great. Yes, I still have sore days but only 1 or 2 days a month is excellent.
I am almost a senior now and have gone to other doctors. Dr. Kramp is a very empathetic and knowledgeable doctor. He really does care. His priority is your health. It is a pleasure being his patient and my husband is very pleased as well because he sees the difference too. He is not one to say good things about doctors but has great respect for Dr. Kramp. I would totally recommend Dr. Kramp and have already done so.

Marlene G.

I went to see Dr. Kramp because of lower and upper back problems. Ever since I have been seeing Dr. Kramp my upper and lower back problems are getting better. My sons also come and see Dr. Kramp and they are feeling better than ever.

Joe H.

I have been in severe pain (24/7) since October of 2008. I relied on sleeping pills to sleep, T3’s to numb the pain during the day, muscle relaxers to do the obvious, and anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling. I was a walking drugstore. My diagnosis is Frozen Shoulder, complicated with upper back pain. Something only a handful of professionals knew about.
A friend in Norway had mentioned Chiropractic care to me, and I just shrugged it off until his persistence led me to search for my own Chiropractor. Chiropractors weren’t in the cards for me. (I was already seeing doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, and acupuncturists. The doctors and surgeons just pumped me with cortisone, and gave me meds. The physiotherapist and acupuncturist had been working on my since December 3/08.) Then I found Chiropractic.
The first session with Dr. Kramp was surreal. My back pain was gone after the first adjustment. I was excited to continue my sessions with him on a weekly basis. I lowered my physiotherapist and acupuncturist appointments to once a week and raised Dr. Kramp’s visits to three times a week.
I NO LONGER take pain killers to numb me, and have found my range of motion has increased incredibly.
I look forward to my Chiropractic visits with Dr. Kramp, and I DO recommend his services to everyone.

Debbie N.

Our daughter had been experiencing a lot of fussiness and crying all day, but at night it got worse. After 5 weeks of not being able to put her down without hearing her cry and seeing pain on her face, I thought I had no more options to try.
I had tried over-the-counter medications recommended for colic and indigestion problems, I nursed in different positions (recommended by healthcare professionals) and massage therapy, but nothing seemed to work for any length of time and she always looked like she was in pain.
I had people suggest trying Chiropractic care as it could help – a little skeptical, I decided to give it a try. Incredible changes happened; it was like “night and day.” The first night after she was adjusted, our daughter went to bed and slept without crying and with no “oval.” There was such an improvement in her mood and personality. We had 5 treatments and she is like a new baby.
We are now able to enjoy our baby girl and her smiles and giggles… thanks to Dr. Kramp and Chiropractic care.

Lindsay G.

My infant son cried all the time in the first few months after he was born. Everyone kept telling me it was colic and that he would ‘grow out of it,’ but we found his crying bouts to be unbearable for everyone.
Nearing six months old, I noticed that in addition to his inconsolable crying, he also was not meeting his movement milestones (sitting up, rolling over, etc.) and I became concerned.
I had recently become a patient with Dr. Kramp and he suggested that chiropractic care might also help my son. After just one treatment, the difference was unbelievable: the inexplicable crying stopped, that night my sone slept 8+ hours uninterrupted and the very next day he began to roll over and sit up on his own. Literally overnight my son became a different child who instead of crying uncontrollably now smiles, giggles, laughs and plays.
Dr. Kramp is gentle, knowledgeable, and passionate about his profession and I wish that we had met him sooner. Truly, chiropractic care changed our lives in so many immeasurable ways and we feel blessed to have a happy, healthy baby boy.

Cheryl & Jeff H.

Dr. Kramp changed my life. I had seen many chiropractors but nobody helped me like Dr. Kramp. I have severe arthritis throughout my body and cannot handle twisting and turning of my joints.
Dr. Kramp’s method is gentle and EFFECTIVE. It takes time but it WORKS. From my first visit I felt confident he would help me and he certainly has. He is a caring, kind and compassionate doctor. He has great staff who are very accommodating. He has truly improved my life much more than I ever hoped.

Marjorie H.

Before I started seeing Dr. Kramp I had at least 10 years of on and off back pain. I tried different doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and pain medications (over the counter and perscriptions). Finally, I had lower back and hurnia surgery which helped, but the pain was still there as I tried keeping up with my two young active children.
When I came to “Miricle Hands” Kramp, all of the pain subsided. With friendly staff, up to date equipment and techiques I am very lucky to have Kramp Chiropractic in my life.
I am a wife, a mother, but most importantly I am me again. Thank you very much Dr. Kramp!
The Shakin’ Jamaican is back!

Rosemarie Z.

Due to my occupation I had chronic back and shoulder pain for many years. Some days it bothered me so terrible that I couldn’t function properly. I tried complex exercises, massage therapy, and even accupuncture, but these were only short term fixes, that is until I met Dr. Kramp.
After just the first couple adjustments I was feeling such a difference in my body and my attitude; I was no longer CRANKY!!
I would recommend Dr. Kramp to anyone who wants a positive change in their life! Take the first step, and get adjusted! Get it going!
Dr. Kramp’s professionalism and dedication is much appreciated and is a great input for all’s wellbeing. Not only is his office equipped with up to date technology but it offers flexible hours, a very nice family atmosphere along with well trained, joyful staff.
Thank you very much for caring for me, and you are doing an incredible job!

Marina S.
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