Throughout life, we have heard many times over that we should have good posture. The way we stand, sit, and hold our body structure every day ends up determining what stresses are placed on our bodies, especially our spines.

We know that abnormal postural habits lead to improper spinal and body function. It can lead to subluxations in our spine, a compromised chest cavity, abnormal growth patterns, shoulder problems, hip problems, improper bowel function, jaw pain, limited range of motion, and much more.

The reasons for poor posture are: spinal misalignment, weak muscles, foot problems, improper nutrition, and excessive weight, all of which can be changed with a natural health approach. Your nervous system subconsciously controls how you hold yourself. When your nervous system malfunctions, muscles in your body become affected. It deflates your oxygen supply, ultimately affecting all the supporting structures of your body and eventually leading to further health problems. One of the most common examples of this is scoliosis in children.

Some methods you can use to test posture in your family and friends are:

1. look at how someone walks and see if one foot is turned out or in slightly when they walk. This usually signifies abnormal function in the hip or spinal regions.

2. Use imaginary horizontal lines through three different areas, the bottom of the ears, the top of the shoulders, and the bony top of the pelvis. If they are not exactly horizontal it signifies abnormal spinal function and a need for a chiropractic spinal check-up.

With good posture, you stand tall, you walk tall, and you look good and feel good. You have better balance and control, your body will work more efficiently overall and you will have a better outlook on life.


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