Inner Healing

Our Inner Healing Powers

In every one of us, we have healing powers within that most of us are not aware of. This power is called our innate intelligence. We all believe that our brain runs our bodies, right? If we believe this, we must then believe that for every function of our body to work at its maximum level, the messages need to get through at a 100% quality via our nervous systems.

When this intelligence gets through to our bodies, we are capable of functioning at our optimal levels. Our ability to digest food is optimal, our ability for our lungs to work is optimal, our ability for our immune system to function is optimal, etc.

To show you the impact of what is really happening inside your body every day of your life think of this:

1) your kidney contains 2 million functional units that filter your blood;

2) your heart beats 100,000 times a day;

3) your stomach produces about 860 quarts of digestive juice/year;

4) your lungs contain a half billion tiny air sacs; and

5) your brain receives signals from130 million light receptors, 100,000 hearing receptors, 3,000 taste buds, 30,000 heat spots, 250,000 cold spots, and 500,000 touch spots.

This is assuming there is full communication between your brain and body.

For all this to occur every day of your life it is obvious that we need an amazing innate intelligence to run our bodies and that this innate intelligence needs to get through at a 100% level for optimal health. Our nervous systems have to deliver this innate intelligence without blockage or interference. Science has now shown that misalignments in a spine (subluxations) block off this intelligence and hinder the crucial functions needed for optimal health.

Now think of this, imagine that this information gets through at a 90% capacity, how does your body function? What about a 60% capacity, or a 40% capacity? How long do you think it takes before parts of your body start to malfunction or shut down?

There is now an abundance of research studies showing that when we remove spinal subluxations, nerve supply is restored to numerous areas of our body and health is optimized. Pain is removed, our muscles work more effectively, we breathe easier, we digest better, and we fight off disease more effectively.

For these reasons, every person alive needs to have a spinal examination if they want a chance at optimal health.

Inner Healing
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