Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

When I try to give an overview of how Chiropractic care benefits the health of people, I can be long winded. The reason is simply that the list of benefits is a very long one. When people understand that Chiropractic care is all about allowing your nervous system to communicate with your body at superior levels and that your nervous system is the master controller of your health, it starts to make a lot of sense on how the list can get very long.

Since there isn’t any part of your body that could function properly without the information from your brain and nervous system, the effects of improving nerve function can allow people to live dramatically better lives. Here are some of the effects of a better working nervous system from Chiropractic care:

NECK AND HEAD: Relief from headaches and migraines, relief from head pains, acute and chronic neck pain, acute and chronic whiplash, healthier discs, and TMJ relief.

BREATHING AND LUNG EFFECTS: Stress relieved from lungs, improvement of respiratory function, and improvement of asthma, allergies, and sinusitis.

CARDIOVASCULAR: Greater nerve supply to heart and coronary arteries, improved circulation; less nerve stress; normalization of blood pressure.

DIGESTION AND ELIMINATION: Improved digestion and elimination; improved function of throat, stomach and duodenum, small and large intestines, colon and anus; relief from ulcers; greater nerve supply to entire digestive tract, liver and gall bladder. Help with kidney, bladder, and colon.

UPPER EXTREMITIES: Relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, arm and hand problems.

LOWER EXTREMITIES: Hips, knees, feet are more balanced; less pressure on nerves and joints, better balance, improved posture; relief from sciatica and leg pain.

BRAIN, STRESS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS: Increased blood supply to the brain; improved concentration; reduced anxiety; reduced irritability, depression, tiredness and clumsiness, and more energy.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Immune system function is enhanced; improved nerve supply to organs of immunity including spleen, tonsils, appendix and lymphoid tissue.

OVERALL EFFECTS OF BODY STRUCTURE: Less pressure on body in general; joints are more aligned; weight is carried more evenly; better posture; more balance; more energy; muscles are strengthened and balanced; trigger points and hot spots are removed; increased flexibility.

If you increase the power supply to your body, you increase function.

Chiropractic Care
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