What allows a body to heal?

Do we have the ability to heal on our own or do we need outside intervention that will tell our bodies how to heal? These questions are larger in people’s minds now than they were even a decade ago. The results of surveys done all over the world people indicate that people now are searching for the answer to what allows a body to be healthy? The two main health philosophies that are played in our society today are:

1. Health is delivered from the healing power already existing inside of ourselves; or

2. Health is delivered from ingesting drugs to artificially change the body chemistry because the body doesn’t know what it is doing and to remove parts of our body from surgery.

Well, you judge for yourselves, but here is my opinion: we have an intelligence inside of ourselves that is transferred from our brain to our body that has all the information to heal our bodies the way it was designed. Think of this, every 6 months every cell in your skeleton is totally brand new, every 6 weeks you have a brand new liver, and every 4 days you nave a brand new lining of your stomach. If you didn’t have the intelligence already existing inside of you to produce this stuff in a perfect way, it wouldn’t take long before parts of your body simply didn’t function anymore. Think of this: If you cut the hand of a dead person and a live person and put a band-aid on both, one would heal and the other wouldn’t. What allowed the healing to occur? Both bodies are identical; they both have the same body parts and chemicals. The only exception is that one has a life force in it, an intelligence flowing through it, nothing mystical, just real. A quote from Gray’s Anatomy text book: “The function of the brain and nervous system is to control and coordinate all the functions of every cell, tissue, and organ”. If it is true that our brain and nervous system control every function in our bodies, then what we need to do to have good health is to work throughout life to remove any blockage we have created of this crucial information, not to cover up the symptoms with drugs.


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