What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a form of health care that is based on the understanding that good health is dependent on a normally functioning nervous system. Your brain runs your body, how your brain communicates with your body is via your nervous system. The intelligence within our nervous system has all the information to heal our bodies. Your spine is the portal on how your nervous system can get all of the life giving messages to your body. If there is spinal dysfunction, there will be in turn, a blockage of information and some area in the body will not receive these life-giving messages. Sometimes people will have symptoms to warn them of this and some will not. We cannot feel 90% of everything that occurs in our body, we can only sense up to 10% of bodily function. This is the prime reason why health problems build up with out us realizing it, symptoms will seem to come from out of the blue and we wonder how we got ill so quick. Well, fact is you didn’t. In each and everyone of us there are areas in our spine where crucial messages are blocked off. A large part of society chooses to do nothing about this simply because they don’t know these blockages are there. So a person’s choice in health is: do they want to live their life making a judgement call on health care with 10% information, or do they want to work pro-actively and use natural approaches to take care of the 90% they can’t feel. My opinion is that most people want good health but most do not realize that good health is much more than just feeling good.

Chiropractic allows people to examine their health from a holistic perspective. It allows them to know if their nervous system is feeding their bodies the way it is suppose to. It allows them to look at different lifestyle changes they need to create to reduce the dysfunction that they create in their bodies. Chiropractic care helps them to look at their nutrition, exercise, stretching, and provides a process to evaluate the stress levels in their life. It is a form of health care to show people how to live and be healthy in a proactive way.


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